8 Practical tips for choosing an EV Charger

1. The ease of use

you will be using your charger everyday for a long time. Ease of use will save you a lot of trouble. Our charger is simply plug and charge and you may totally forget about it.

2. Space saving

We understand how precious your carpark space is, Charging from Cornerstone Technologies provides the following options for you:

a) Side mounted – you may choose right side mount or left side mount to insert the charging cable. You are right, we have been thoughtful to ensure the lefties will enjoy the convenience of our charger usage. Slate is your choice.

b) Front mounted – if your carpark space doesn’t allow you have the sides mount, we have another option for you, our Chargic will give you the option of front mount.

c) Ceiling – you may even choose the type of charger that could be installed on the ceiling. Such a breakthrough! When your carpark has no walls and no space at all, we have a special option for you. Aloft that is mounted on the ceiling.

3. Durability

a very important point that could be easily overlooked. How durable your charger can be? Don’t be deceived! Many chargers are made of very low cost materials that may shrink in super hot weather. Our chargers are made of high quality stainless steel that is resilient to any weather, waterproof and it is not a problem to be installed outdoor.

4. Ergonomics

another detail we have put into consideration, the height of the socket position. We will usually install it at 1.2m from the ground. According to our studies, it is the right height for most Asians to conveniently and ergonomically plug in the charger to the socket.

5. Power availability

You need to find out the power availability of your home/commercial areas whether it is 1-phase or 3-phase electrical supply. Likewise, before getting an EV car, do find out if your EV car battery is 1-phase or 3-phase. What are the consequences if they are not compatible? You can still charge your car, however it will not be working as efficiently as you expect it to be. We provide both 1-phase and 3-phase chargers according to your needs.

6. Options of touch screen

the user-friendly interface through the touch screen option will guide you every step in using the charger, making the user-experience an exciting one.

7. Island carparks

no walls, no space, no problem. We have a ceiling mount charger for you. You will love how Aloft allows you to charge your car discreetly.

8. The design

design is multi-facets, design in terms of the ease of use and of course also from the aesthetic side of it. Chargers from Charging of Cornerstone Technologies cover it all.

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