Home charging applications EV charging solutions for the homes of today and tomorrow.

It can be a daunting journey to adopt and build EV charging systems in residential properties. Cornerstone Technologies is committed to helping EV car owners and property management professionals in understanding and navigating the extensive and complicated journey of EV charging, from consultation to installation. Whether you are a consumer or property management professional, we invite you to experience the wonders of electrical energy through our high-quality, reliable and readily-available chargers.

EV car charging for residential properties

Worry-free EV charging at home.

Getting EV charging systems installed at your residential car park means there’s no need to line up for hours on end at the shopping centre car park waiting for a charge. Regain a peace of mind and leave it to charge overnight. Pay a subscription fee every month and charge your car whenever you want, while enjoying Cornerstone’s vast support system of customer support hotlines and maintenance teams who ensure a seamless customer experience for you.

Here’s what you can do to get EV charging at your residential car park:

GET in touch

Contact us directly or request your property management office to do so.

Information Presentation

We’ll present to both you and your property management office informing you of all the details in getting EV charging systems installed in the residential car park.

Agreement Signed

Once your property management office comes to a consensus and signs the papers, we’ll get straight to work.

Chargers Ready

Congratulations! You’re ready to enjoy the benefits of EV at home. Cornerstone also takes care of all maintenance and insurance throughout the contract term.

EV charging for property management

Elevate the value of your property with EV charging infrastructure.

EVs are the way of the future. As a property management operator, it is vital to keep up with the times. One way of doing so is by installing EV charging infrastructure at your residential car park.

Cornerstone develops and maintains end-to-end charging solutions such as charging stations and systems that keep everything running. Having chargers on your property also increases its value to both tenants, owners and investors. We have an intricate Central Management System that will keep everything running without you having to intervene, saving time and money. Contact us today and learn how you can get our chargers installed for free on your property.

EV charging for Residential Developers

Prime new developments for the future with EV charging.

As the world heads into a new era of sustainable solutions and awareness, EV charging will become increasingly prominent. As a developer, it is important to spot these trends and consumer needs ahead of time. Installing EV hardware and software for your upcoming developments will make your properties more attractive in the eyes of investors and buyers. We offer to buy and own options, so you can keep your projects at a cost-efficient rate.

EV charging mobile app

Your EV charging needs in one place.

Streamline and manage your EV charging account conveniently in one place. View bills, check to charge status, access service plan details, and much more. We make EV charging easy to manage.

Residential charging subscription

Affordable monthly subscription fees for EV owners

We offer highly affordable private subscriptions to occupants in residential buildings. Once your Property Management Office completes the paperwork with us, you are ready to start your EV charging journey at only HK$880 per month. Our price plan is not only value for money but is the most beneficial and fair approach for users, as it is based on energy consumption.

Contact us and learn more about how to get started.